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The Illustrated London News (ILN), October (Oct) 17, 1942 - Stalingrad Battle Rages On, Bryant, Arthur; Falls, Cyril
1 Bryant, Arthur; Falls, Cyril The Illustrated London News (ILN), October (Oct) 17, 1942 - Stalingrad Battle Rages On
London The Illustrated London News and Sketch Ltd. 1942 First Edition Paperback Good Magazine Folio - over 12" - 15" tall Davis, G.H.; Turner, C.E.; De Grineau, Bryan; Cuneo, Terence T. 
Pages 421-448 pages. Features: Cover photo of huge pile of German fighters and bombers - reduced to a large mound of scrap metal in Britain; Nice one-page colour Guinness ad features red wagon wheel, smiley face, belt, tacks, rock, sock, ace of hearts... and glass of Guinness; Photos of "Liberators" and "Fortresses" in flight; Six photos of how H.M. destroyer "Ithuriel" rammed and sunk Italian submarine "Cobalto" in the Mediterranean; Photos of glider troops in training; German invasion tide laps the Caucasus Barrier - one-page model of the main features as seen from the line of enemy approach; Fourteen pictures illustrate the metamorphosis of the "Footslogger" - the infantryman today is a jack-of-all-trades - and master of most!; The Metamorphosis of Infantry (article); Photos of typical duties of a battalion; Six photos of ground action in Stalingrad; Four aerial photos of an enemy bomber's views of the Battle of Stalingrad; Centrefold illustration "Epic of Stalingrad" depicts vicious street fighting; Five illustrations of what a post-war London may look like; Two large photos contrast the amount of human labour required to build aerodromes in China and Great Britain; Photos of three American cruisers sunk - "Vincennes", "Quincy", and "Astoria"; Two photos of Churchill aboard warship in Scotland; Page of illustrations explain new german explosive incendiary bomb; Reatreat in the East - article; Two-pages of great illustrations exlain the "Potentialities of Mass-Production of Flying-Boats as Troop-Carriers and Heavy Freighter Air-Planes - including the "Mars", Curtiss "Commando" and "Stirling"; Photo of Corporal Franklin M. Koons of the Rangers - first American to with the M.M. in this war; Fascimiles of German notices deporting British subjects in the Channel Islands to Germany; How to make an Epidiascope for Picture Projection; Photo of vast locust swarm in Kenya; Nice colour back cover ad for Johnnie Walker shows metal fence being installed in front of stately home. Moderate wear. Unmarked. A sound vintage copy. 
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The Illustrated London News (ILN), October (Oct.) 3, 1942 - The Siege of Stalingrad, Bryant, Arthur; Falls, Cyril
2 Bryant, Arthur; Falls, Cyril The Illustrated London News (ILN), October (Oct.) 3, 1942 - The Siege of Stalingrad
London The Illustrated London News and Sketch Ltd. 1942 First Edition Paperback Good Magazine Folio - over 12" - 15" tall Davis, G.H.; Turner, C.E.; De Grineau, Bryan 
Pages 365-392. Features: Nice colour B.S.A. one-page ad shows 'dicycle' being driven down boardroom table(!); Cover photo of 6-inch gun captured intact after Rommel's retreat; One page with six photos closely displaying the captured 6-inch gun; Photos of new German gun's muzzle break; Photos of signs in the North African desert; Three photos of General De Gaulle with fighting French forces in the Middle East; The Desert's Dusty Face (article with three dust storm photos); One-page aerial photo of Gialo Oasis - Italian Desert base raided by British Mobile Force; Russia Fighting On (article); Three interesting pages of graphics present household energy-consuming devices and their rates of fuel consumption, how households typically consume energy, and how to keep weekly track of fuel consumption - including instructions to read electricity and gas meters; Two pages with twelve dramatic photos of action in Stalingrad and on the Caucasus Front; Amazing centrefold aerial photo of Stalingrad under siege, showing fires raging in famous factories used as fortresses; Three photos from the New Guinea Front; Three photos of U-boat - going, going, gone; Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Kaiser at launching of one of his "Liberty" ships - build in 10 days; Photo of crowd of Japanese waiting on the Quayside at Lourenco Marques to board a repatriation ship; Air photo of bombs exploding on deck of whale-oil ship in dock at Cherbourg during "Boston" bomber attack; Two photos of attacks on German positions in Norway; Fascinating page of drawings of shoe styles illustrate "A new phase in modern warfare - both in England and France wood is now being used instead of leather for the soles of shoes; Six nice photos of women's fashions, 1942-1943; Thirteen photos of personalities of the week include Sq. Ldr. D.A.G. Parry, Wendell Willkie in Moscow with Stalin, Lieut.-Colonel Beckles Wilson, and Prebendary Carlile; Nice back cover colour ad for Dewar's White Label Scotch Whisky shows chess game in progress. Moderate wear. Unmarked. A sound vintage copy. 
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The Illustrated London News (ILN), September (Sept.) 26, 1942 - The Wreckage of Rommel's Defeat, Bryant, Arthur; Falls, Cyril
3 Bryant, Arthur; Falls, Cyril The Illustrated London News (ILN), September (Sept.) 26, 1942 - The Wreckage of Rommel's Defeat
London The Illustrated London News and Sketch Ltd. 1942 First Edition Paperback Good Magazine Folio - over 12" - 15" tall Davis, G.H.; Turner, C.E.; De Grineau, Bryan 
Pages 337-364. Features: Cover photo of Winston Churchill watching a parade of heavy infantry tanks named after him; Photos of Wendell Willkie visiting our forward positions in Egypt; Two pages of devastation - the wreckage left behind after Rommel's forced retreat from the Western Desert; Page of desert photos including German POWs, a 'sticky' bomb, minesweeping and Communion for the wounded; One-page illustration of deserted village in East Anglia; The Position of Madagascar - article; Six photos of tanks and their landing craft; Malta "Island Fortress of Heroism" Receives her George Cross - six photos of the pomp and ceremony; Photo of the "Wakefield" ablaze, and photo of her passengers on deck awaiting rescue; Photo of FDR beside large Japanese flag - which he refused to touch; Photos of H.M. destroyer "Zulu" and flying-boat "Clare", both lost; Twelve photos from the Russian Front; Centrefold map of Australia, "Japan's Main Objective in the Pacific"; Six Photos of the last moments of the "Yorktown", sunk off Midway Island; Photos of ten personalities of the week include Commander E.P. Tomkinson, General Von Kleist, Admiral Sir William James, Lieut. Cutler, V.C. (of Australia), and Sergt. Murray Smythe, V.C. with Major-General Dan Pienaar; Three aerial photos of Rouen after first raid by U.S. "Fortresses"; Photos of London's evacuated statues; Four large before and after photos of Dusseldorf after raid of September 10; Victory Through Air Power (article); Five photos of Marines vigorously training; Four photos of U.S. Troops learning to swim through seas of blazing oil; One-page illustration of British naval losses since the war's outbreak, from capital ships to submarines; Six illustrations of the life of British War Prisoners in Germany; Sixteen portraits of war prisoners in Oflag VIe, by Lt. J.F. Watton; vintage ads. Moderate wear. Unmarked. A sound vintage copy. 
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The Illustrated London News, August (Aug.) 4, 1945: Great Coverage of WWII Aftermath / Mitchell Bomber Strikes Empire State Building, Bryant, Arthur; Squire, Sir John; Falls, Cyril; et al
4 Bryant, Arthur; Squire, Sir John; Falls, Cyril; et al The Illustrated London News, August (Aug.) 4, 1945: Great Coverage of WWII Aftermath / Mitchell Bomber Strikes Empire State Building
London The Illustrated London News 1945 First Edition Paperback Good Magazine Folio - over 12" - 15" tall Davis, G.H. 
Pages 113-140. Features: Cover photo of smiling Churchill leaving Downing St. for Buckingham Palace to tender his resignation; Four photos of France's Marshall Petain in court, and two photos of the crowded courtroom; One page Karsh photo portrait of Mr. Attlee; Photos of Ernest Bevin, Herbert Morrison, Sir Stafford Cripps, and Hugh Dalton; Nice page of head-shot photos of 23 women members of the new Parliament; One-page descriptive map of the general election shows results at a glance; One-page illustration depicts the rise of the Labour Party in Parliament during 45 years; Photo of rear admiral E. J. B. Brind hoisted between ships by a breaches buoy; Six photos of new prime minister Attlee at the palace and in Potsdam; Mitchell bomber strikes Empire State Building - photo of smoke pouring from the building plus excellent photo of gaping hole in the 78th and 79th floors; Amazing aerial photo of many dozens of Flying Fortresses on airfield near Munich; Two-page monotone reproduction of long-lost painting,"A night at the old Vauxhall Gardens in 1784" by Thomas Rowlandson - found in village shop and sold for 2600 guineas; Photos of personalities of the week include Arthur Greenwood, Alfred Dobbs, Lady Oxford and Asquith, Mr. A. E. Hemming, Sir William Jowitt, and Yugoslavia's King Peter with his newborn son; Excellent two-page aerial photo entitled "The first permitted aerial view of the City of London's immense devastated areas - St. Paul's Cathedral largely isolated by huge ruined sectors on three sides"; Photo of Gen. DeGaulle addressing crowds at the French port of Brittany; Photo of E. J. S. Woolley, commanding officer of the lonely island of Tristan Da Kunha in the South Atlantic, commissioning a small craft; Photo of living room scene inside massive flying boat "Hawaii Mars"; Unusual photo of Japanese prisoners lined up for roll-call on Okinawa (unusual in that Japanese soldiers rarely surrendered); Photo of German POWs observing atrocities of German torture camps at film showing in a New York hospital; Too large photos of US battleships on their way to bombard Japanese installations; Three photos of Field Marshal Montgomery being honoured; Three photos of the Guards Armoured Division, the liberators of Brussels, being honoured by the city; Amazing one-page photo of the liner "Queen Elizabeth" stuffed with thousands of servicemen being repatriated to North America; Colour back cover add for Kia-Ora drink; and more. Unmarked with average wear. A sound vintage copy. 
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The Times History of the War - Part 3, Correspondents of The Times
5 Correspondents of The Times The Times History of the War - Part 3
London The Times 1914 First Edition Paperback Fair Magazine 4to - over 9" - 12" tall 
40 pages. Part 3 of a series "...Framed with the object of producing an account of the great contest now in progress, which shall be at once popular and authoritative... An account written by men of great experience in political, military, and naval matters... Will contain a great deal of first-hand material which will be really valuable to historians of the future." - from Preface. Contains Chapters 5 and 6 - The French Army, and The Army and the Fortresses of Belgium. Dozens of excellent black and white photographs. Centerfold "Map of France Showing the Territorial Distributions of the French Army". Somewhat above-average wear. Unmarked. Binding intact. Sound copy. 
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Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 7, Number 4, August 28 - September 3, 1940, Hutchinson, Walter: Editor
6 Hutchinson, Walter: Editor Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 7, Number 4, August 28 - September 3, 1940
London Hutchinson & Co. (Publishers) Ltd. 1940 First Edition Paperback Good 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall 
32 pages. Printed on glossy stock. Dozens of quality black and white photos and illustrations. Features: Illustration by C. Gibberd of a Hurricane attacking a German bomber about to attack a British merchant ship; Bombing crews meet their intelligence officer upon their return from Germany; Blenheim attack on Havre; Photos from Libya; Illustrated text of a broadcast by Mackenzie King of Canada entitled "Two Great Brotherhoods"; Vincent Massey greets first Royal Canadian Air Force squadron to reach England; Photos of children saved from boats attacked by U-Boats; Incredible full-page aerial photo of the Philidelphia Navy Yard which is full of dozens of veteran warships; Map of navla and air bases leased to American by Britain; A Dornier bomber burns on the beach in the southeast; Photo of a German dive-bomber brought down almost intact in Southern England; Balloons ablaze in coast battle; Wrecked German planes and the damage they caused; centerfold illustration by N. Clarke shows a Sunderland and its very successful attack on enemy planes, supply ships and fuel dumps at Tromso, Norway; two excellent photos of German POWs in Canada; A British flying boat is rescued by a British destroyer; Guardians of our island fortresses; Great photo of the loading of a 9.2" gun; Photos of the King and Queen; Photo-Illustrated Article on The First Year at Sea - an official summary of activities issued by the Ministry of Information; Commentary on the war this week; Photos of the Arab legion in Transjordania; Summary of chief events in the war this week. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound copy. 
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Canadian Aviation Magazine, December 1941 - Canadian Aircraft Production, Power, C.G.; Chalmers, Floyd S.; Reagan, Don B.
7 Power, C.G.; Chalmers, Floyd S.; Reagan, Don B. Canadian Aviation Magazine, December 1941 - Canadian Aircraft Production
Toronto Maclean Publishing 1941 First Edition Paperback Good Magazine 4to - over 9" - 12" tall 
132 pages. Many dozens of fantastic black and white photos throughout this issue - far too many to list. Features: Pratt & Whitney ad inside front cover shows inside their propeller plant at Longueuil, PQ; Prenco Progress & Engineering Corp. ad shows anti-aircraft machine gun being used in the Battle of the Atlantic; Diamond State Fibre Company ad; Great 2-page two-colour ad for Snogo snow removal equipment; Stylish ad for Jacobs Engines; Nice Snap-On Tools ad; Super G.Q. ad for their parasuit; Speed Nuts ad by the Wallace Barnes Co. of Hamilton; Handsome ad for Rotol constant speed airscrews; Nice two-colour Fleet Aircraft ad for their trainers used in the Empire Air Training Plan; Nice illustrated Brewster ad entitled Wings over Waikiki; W.D. Beath & Son snow clearing equipment ad; The Sky is the Limit - Hon. C.G. Power reviews war aviation; Canada Manufactures Wings for Freedom - the Director-General of Aircraft Production surveys the industry in Canada; The Aircraft Production Branch; Air Transport Association Convention; The "Canadian Car" Programme; Bolingbroke Production Multiplies; Noorduyn Speeds Harvard Output; Fleet Delivers; Vickers Swings to PBY's; Federal Produces Ansons; National Steel Car Prepares - great photos of the Malton plant and its expansion; De Havilland Breeds "Tigers"; Nice Player's cigarette ad shows smiling flier in Christmas theme; Two-page colour Lockheed ad with Leadership theme; MacDonald Bros - Ansons and Overhaul; Goeing Gathers Momentum; Parts Production at "Ottawa Car"; Clipper Crossing - Floyd S. Chalmers' interesting article about crossing the Atlantic in this huge craft; Canadian Aircraft Production - great feature section covers welding for aircraft, how to read blueprints, big bomber production, are welding at Vultee, Utilization of Labour, Plastic Eyes for B-26, New Extrusion Miller and New Equipment Section; Nice photo ad for Pioneer Instruments; Interesting Cockshutt Aircraft Division ad; Dowty levered suspension tailwheel ad; Bell Airacobra ad; Sicard snow blower ad; Nice illustrated Rotax ad; Cygnet ad; Lightplane Legion; The Morrow Plywood Trainer; Canadian Aviation News; Two photos showing the R.A.F. in Russia; Nice Martin Aircraft ad; North American Aviation ad; Two photos of the Curtiss AT-9 trainer; Nice photo ad for National Steel Car; Illustrated ad for the Blackburn "Botha"; Nice ad for Avro reconnaissance & training aircraft; Vickers ad with photo of the "Stranraer" - largest aircraft ever built in Canada; Wright engine ad with illustrations of Vultees; Nice Poulsen & Nardon ad with photos; Northrop ad; Index to advertisers; Wright engine ad inside back cover shows Boeing "Flying Fortresses"; Back cover ad for Intava highlights the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan; and more. Average wear. Unmarked. Chips from ends of backstrip. A sound vintage copy. 
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Newsweek - The Magazine of News Significance, February 7 1944 - Occupied France / Japanese Bestiality, Pratt, Admiral William V.; Lindley, Ernest K.
8 Pratt, Admiral William V.; Lindley, Ernest K. Newsweek - The Magazine of News Significance, February 7 1944 - Occupied France / Japanese Bestiality
USA Weekly Publications 1944 First Edition Paperback Fair Magazine 4to - over 9" - 12" tall 
100 pages. Features: Nice one-page photo-illustrated Boeing ad shows Flying Fortresses being assembled; Bill Robinson (Bojangles) marries Elaine Plaines - with photo; Thornton W. Burgess turns out his 10,000th syndicated nursery classic - with photo; Gene Tunney returns home from action; Jimmy Stewart promoted to Major; Brief obituaries for William Allen White, William T. Dewart, Sen. Frederick Van Nuys, Dr. Charles H. Townsend, Mrs. Cathleen Vancerbilt Arostegui and Dr. Daniel M. Molloy; Nice color-photo Union Pacific ad shows locomotive "The City of Los Angeles"; Nation replies in grim fury to Jap Brutality to Prisoners - "March of Death" in the Philippines - article with grim photo; From the Official Record of Jap Bestiality; Allies Shape Victory Pattern in Pacific; Major war coverage; Rome landing shows hurdles ahead when Allies invade Western Europe; Photo of "Jumbo Wilson"; Photo of Air Marshal Coningham; Third Reich admits bomb damage; Vichy regime hands over power to 'Chief with the iron fist'; Dramatic photos of occupied France; Argentina splits from Germany and Japan; Uncommon photo of Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret in pantomime costume; Finnish crisis - with photo of Premier Linkomies; Should Yugoslav King Peter alienate Serbs or risk losing British support?; Nice color ad for Lucky Strike cigarettes; Nice color Pontiac ad features artillery illustration and devasted Pacific Island landscape; Photo of Grand Mufti of Jerusalem heiling Storm Troops in Berlin; Photo of Indian Subhas Chandra Bose sharing platform with Hideki Tojo; Soldier Ballot dispute; Dramatic photo of Lt. Tommy Harmon returning home - now a seasoned P-38 pilot; Nice wartime color ad for Kodak full-color snapshots; The Neutrals' Honeymoon is over; Fantastic Schlitz one-page color ad called "Memories of a Kiss"; Great wartime International Harvester ad illustrates their conversion to war production; Great military Motorola ad shows soldier with walkie-talkie; Partial fascimile reproduction of US bond issue entitled "City of Tokyo, Japan - Destruction and Extermination"; Photos of INS correspondent Richard Tregaskis who was struck in the head by a shell fragment; Photo and article about Casey Stengel; Photo of boxer Ike Williams knocked out; Photo of James Hulbert and Mitford Mathews and their Dictionary of American English; Article about looted paintings acquired by the Nazis; Color-photo ad for Columbia Records shows Bruno Walter, Robert Casadesus, Nathan Milstein, Lotte Lehmann and Dimitri Mitropoulos; The Clark Williams family of Warrenville, IL deals with infantile paralysis/polio; Color-photo ad for Canadian Club features the Castle of Kul-Kul-Kan; Great back cover wartime Chesterfield cigarette ad features happy soldier opening carton of cigarettes and letter from his girl; and more. Above-average wear. Covers pulling from staples. A worthy vintage copy. 
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Newsweek - The Magazine of News Significance, January 10, 1944 - Allied Chiefs Confident This is Year of Victory, Pratt, Admiral William V.; Lindley, Ernest K.
9 Pratt, Admiral William V.; Lindley, Ernest K. Newsweek - The Magazine of News Significance, January 10, 1944 - Allied Chiefs Confident This is Year of Victory
USA Weekly Publications 1944 First Edition Paperback Fair Magazine 4to - over 9" - 12" tall Disney, Walt 
92 pages. Features: Great photo-illustrated Cleaver-Brooks ad features the L.S.T. landing craft their steam generators are used in; "Weird' Kreml Hair Tonic illustrated ad; One-page photo-illustrated Boeing ad entitled Schweinfurt Story shows horrendous bomb damage and boasts of their Flying Fortress aircraft; Rare one-page color ad illustrated by Walt Disney shows a Flying Fish alongside a Mars aircraft - sponsored by ADEL Precision Products; Rep. Albert Gore of Tennessee becomes first Congressman to enter the armed forces as a private; Brief obituaries for Art Young, Sir Edwin Lutyens, Leon Gordon, Frederick Hill Wood and Hobart Bosworth; Nice one-page photo-illustrated ad for Beech Aircarft shows their AT-11 bombing trainers in flight; New Allied Chiefs Confident This is Our Year of Victory; Major war coverage including organizational charts for the Allied High Command for European invasion and Mediterranean Operations; Article on the Air War of 1943 - with dramatic photo of Flying Fortresses over Europe, with one of them crashing to earth in flames; Defending convoys against surface raiders; Plane-supported Chinese troops give Japanese a real fight - Changteh; War photos from Sicily; Problems of restoring France epitomized by Algiers troubles; Plan for the trial of Adolph Hitler and his lieutenants; Manpower and the Draft; Letter mystery involving Harry Hopkins; Dramatic letter and photo from POW Lt. Col. James Patrick Devereux to his son, Patrick; Nice color Lucky Strike ad shows farmer holding large tobacco leaf; Color centerfold ad for Good Year industrial belting - showing mine/ore installation; Photo-illustrated article on Dr. Vannevar Bush; Labor unrest threatens our invasion production; Nice one-page military Plymouth ad; Interesting article on wartime censorship; Photo of runner Gil Dodds; Color photo Canadian Club ad inside back cover features Mexico's state fo Michoacan; *Fantasti* color back cover ad for Chesterfield cigarettes features WWII pin-up queen Betty Grable; and more. Somewhat above-average wear. Binding sound. A worthy vintage copy. 
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The Illustrated London News, Saturday, March 13, 1943, Various Contributors
10 Various Contributors The Illustrated London News, Saturday, March 13, 1943
London The London Illustrated News 1943 First Edition Paperback Good Folio - over 12" - 15" tall 
28 pages. Features: Front cover photo of London's great "Wings for Victory" Week - 100,000 people in Trafalgar Square; 12 related photos on the following two pages; Wonderful full-page photo of flying fortresses - prominent in the sensational Bismarck Sea battle; The Battle of the Bismarck Sea - article by Cyril Falls; Axis Forces Take a Pounding in the Retreat from Kasserine - Six photos; Indians gathered around a downed Japanese plane; Sketch of Germany's latest air transport - the Me. 323 six-engined "Powered Glider"; Large separate photos of submarine chasers the H.M.S. "Abelia" and the H.M.S. "Rother"; Hour-by-Hour the Bombs Rain Down on Emeny Targets in Europe - seven aerial photos; London Air Raid Shelter Tragedy - three photos of the shelter where 178 people died; Funeral of the Late Captain E.A. Fitzroy; The New Speaker of the House of Commons and his wife, Colonel Douglas Clifton Brown; Before and after photos of factory of the Societe des Produits Chimiques, at Tessenderloo, in Belgium - apparently when the factory was bombed there were 1,200 caualties and 4,000 left homeless; Squadron Leader H.R.K. Wells; Photos of new German anti-personnel bomb; Footbal cup final in Tripoli; Centerfold illustrations of doctors and dentists at work in the desert Army's Front Lines; Photos of London's "Wings for Victory" truimphal march through the city; Subhas Chandra speaking in Berlin; Captain S.H.A. Haggard; Alvar Liddell joins the R.A.F.; Haj Amin Al-Husseini, the ex-Mufti of Jerusalem; Photos of some of the international pilots of the Air Transport Auxilliary; Photos from two recent war films, the Russian "One Day of War" and the British "Desert Victory"; Fascinating photos of a training school for submarine crews; Glimpses of Nazi Germany - article by Charles E. Byles; and more. Unmarked. Average wear. A sound copy. 
Price: 199.95 USD
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