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Author    Smith, Maurice: Editor

Title   Flight and Aircraft Engineer Magazine: Bound Issues from April 1, 1955 - June 17, 1955


Condition   Good

   First Edition

Size   4to - over 9" - 12" tall

Publisher   U.K. Iliffe and Sons Ltd. 1955

Seller ID   35503050

Multi-paginated Profusely illustrated with black and white photography, diagrams and advertisements. No. 2410 Vol. 67 contains: Maritime Britannia - first particulars of Canadair's CL-28; Re-Rising Sun - the Japanese aircraft industry 10 years after VJ-Day; Southern Air Traffic Control at London Airport; H.M. Carriers 1955 - survey's the role of the aircraft carrier in a thermo-nuclear age and previews the carrier strength of British and Commonwealth navies; Carrier Developments - recent inventions to increase efficiency on the flight deck; Scotland's Air Ambulances - two B.E.A. Herons go into operation. No. 2411 Vol. 67 8 April 1955 contains: The Speed of the Fox - a fairey occasion with historic associations; Jodel D.112 and Druine Turbi - Two French Ultra-light Two-seaters Compared; London Airport Central - photos of the new passenger handling block; Ferry 604 - The diary of a Viscount delivery flight to Montreal; Radically New Cockpit Design - U.S. Navy's television instrumentation; No. 47 Squadron - history of a famous transport command unit; Air Gunnery at Sylt; The Edo Amphibious Float; Two photos of the Handley Page Victor; The Deuce - English Electric's Digital Computer; T.C.A. and the Viscount - Background to the North American debut of a British turboprop airliner. No. 2413 Vol. 67 22 April 1955: Photo of the Hiller "Flying Platform"; Mixed Power - Engines of Different Species in Combination, Mr. M.J. Brennan's R.Ae.S. Lecture; Actuallites Francaises - the mighty Armagnac *page 519-520 missing from this article*; At the controls of the B-45 - Second-pilot time on a four-jet bomber; Britannia's Johannesburg Trials - Phase one of the tropical tests; Idlewild's New Terminal Area. No.2414 Vol.67 29 April 1955: Guide to First 1955 National Air Races; The Supercharged Turboprop - Dr. Hooker's S.A.E. Lecture on the Bristol B.E. 25, successor to the Proteus; Automatic Interception - all-weather single-seaters defending the U.K.; Meeting of the Airways; Actualites Francaises - the Morane-Saulnier M.S.760 Paris; Silencing Jet Helicopters - a notable paper by Professor E.J. Richards; Sopwith Camel - Historic Military Aircraft No. 10; Tower of London - radar, radio and lighting controls in the new central building. No. 2415 Vol. 67 6 May 1955: A Coming-of-age with Gannets; Actualites Francaises - part 3 - non-stop variety in light aircraft; Jet Provost - Hunting Percival's New Av Initio Trainer (includes 2-page detailed drawing); The First Round - Swansea sees the start of the 1955 national air races; Off the Ice - an R.C.A.F. helicopter rescues a Cessna which was partially submerged beneath ice; Igor Sikorsky in Great Britain - Pioneer Helicopter Designer's Lecture to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers; Fabrications to Float and Fly - rubber dinghies, balloons, and much else - the work of the R.F. D company; "Hot" Parts by the Hundred - Briggs Motor Bodies, Ltd. No. 2416 Vol. 67 13 May 1955: More Thoughts on Jet Lift; Routine Atlantic Crossing - Passenger's impressions of a typical Transatlantic flight by B.O.A.C. Stratocruiser; The World's Air Forces - Their compostion, duties and aircraft *2 pages of this article are loose but present*; 1955 Military Aircraft Data; National Aircraft Insignia; The World's Air Forces Cont'd. No. 2417 Vol. 67 May 20, 1955: A Truimphant British Motion Picture - The Dam Busters; Luftwaffe Redivivus - Germany's New Air Force for A.A.F.C.E. - Its strenghts and constitution; The Party Line on Airlines - Tories, Labour and Liberals express their view for "flight"; Supersonic Fighter - a critical examination of the F-100A Super Sabre (with detailed drawing); Introduction to Air Freight - Part 1 American Domestic Scene; The S.N.C.A.S.E. S.E. 210 Caravalle - France's First Jet Airliner (with detailed drawing); Regularity in the making - the technical organization behind B.O.A.C.; Flight Control - an historical review - Abstracts from Dr. Draper's Wilbur Wright Lecture; Deutsche Lufthansa in Service - How the revived German airline is operating; At the B.I.F. - Materials, Tools and Equipment at Castle Bromwich; Decca Evaluated - Findings of the 1951-53 M.T.C.A. Trials - and a Decca Postscript. No. 2418 Vol 67 27 May 1955: Brood of the Eagle - Gannets, Wyverns, Sea Hawks, Skyraiders and Dragonflies aboard the H.M.S. Eagle; Mars to Javelin - Gloster aircraft of forty years (dozens of illustrations)*missing page 717-718*; Friends in the Gloster Family; Jet-Airliner Systems - electrics, hydraulics, air conditioning, pressurization and fuel supply; Man-Carrying Centrifuge - New acceleration research rig for Institute of Aviation Medicine. No. 2419, Vol. 67 3 June 1955: Bristol Orpheus - a medium thrust turbojet with exceptional potentialities; Blackburn-Turbomeca - An outstanding range of small gas turbines (detailed drawing); Whitsun displays and competitions; Fokker F.27 Friendship - Holland's up-and-coming feedliner - basic simplicity plus some new techniques (detailed drawing); Farewell to "Habb" - memories of the great R.A.F. base in the middle east now ceded to Iraq; Lockheed vs. Douglas - A brief comparative analysis of America's new long-range liners; Louis Breguet's work - an appreciation; Soldering aluminum - a new process approved by the M.o.S. for Aircraft. No. 2420 Vol. 26 10 June 1955: Ypenburg impressions - more about the Ilsy display; Britain's contribution to a great Paris Salon; Silver in the sun - Canberras of Bomber Command; Introduction to air freight - part 2 - Britain's bid on the Atlantic route; France's aircraft industry - the background to the Paris show; L'Aviation Legere - the French Government-sponsored Popular Flying Movement; French Commercial Aviation - Extensive world networks - plans for domestic-route expansion; Aluminium alloy Components - modern tendencies in forging and casting techniques; The British Light-alloy industry; Oil-cooled generators. No. 2421 Vol. 67. 17 June 1955: Third Round of the national air races - a damp day at Whitchurch; Birthday Honours; Mach 3 Wind Tunnel - Armstrong Whitworth's Whitley Plant; Newspaper Run - From Fleet Street's presses to Germany's breakfast tables; One Loose Glider - reflections on an unusual channel crossing; The Paris show; "New Guinea Internal" - quantas introduces Beavers for some exacting duties; Single-Spool Turboprop - Notes on the philosophy behind the Eland; Air Transports in the news. No. 2422 Vol. 67 24 June 1955: Without visible means of support - Ultra-modern French entomology - the Coleopter; week-end in Paris; Stands at the Salon - new components and accessories seen a Le Bourget; Scharfoldendorf Championships - Gliding contests; The Turboprop in practice - B.E.A's Viscount Experience - Mr. Masefield's paper at the Anglo-American conference; Low Consumption turbines - Some Rolls-Royce Achievements - Mr. Lombard's Lecture at the Anglo-American Conference. Unmarked. Light to moderate wear. Moderate lean to spine. Nice copy.

Flight  And  Aircraft  Engineer  Magazine  1955  Aircraft  Carriers    Multi-paginated    Profusely  Illustrated  With  Black  And  White  Photography,  Diagrams  And  Advertisements.  No.  2410  Vol.  67  Contains:  Maritime  Britannia  -  First  Particulars  Of  Canadair's  CL-28;  Re-Rising  Sun  -  The  Japanese  Aircraft  Industry  10  Years  After  VJ-Day;  Southern  Air  Traffic  Control  At  London  Airport;  H.M.  Carriers  1955  -  Survey's  The  Role  Of  The  Aircraft  Carrier  In  A  Thermo-nuclear  Age  And  Previews  The  Carrier  Strength  Of  British  And  Commonwealth  Navies;  Carrier  Developments  -  Recent  Inventions  To  Increase  Efficiency  On  The  Flight  Deck;  Scotland's  Air  Ambulances  -  Two  B.E.A.  Herons  Go  Into  Operation.    No.  2411  Vol.  67  8  April  1955  Contains:  The  Speed  Of  The  Fox  -  A  Fairey  Occasion  With  Historic  Associations;  Jodel  D.112  And  Druine  Turbi  -  Two  French  Ultra-light  Two-seaters  Compared;  London  Airport  Central  -  Photos  Of  The  New  Passenger  Handling  Block;  Ferry  604  -  The  Diary  Of  A  Viscount  Delivery  Flight  To  Montreal;  Radically  New  Cockpit  Design  -  U.S.  Navy's  Television  Instrumentation;  No.  47  Squadron  -  History  Of  A  Famous  Transport  Command  Unit;  Air  Gunnery  At  Sylt;  The  Edo  Amphibious  Float;  Two  Photos  Of  The  Handley  Page  Victor;  The  Deuce  -  English  Electric's  Digital  Computer;  T.C.A.  And  The  Viscount  -  Background  To  The  North  American  Debut  Of  A  British  Turboprop  Airliner.    No.  2413  Vol.  67  22  April  1955:  Photo  Of  The  Hiller  "Flying  Platform";  Mixed  Power  -  Engines  Of  Different  Species  In  Combination,  Mr.  M.J.  Brennan's  R.Ae.S.  Lecture;  Actuallites  Francaises  -  The  Mighty  Armagnac  *page  519-520  Missing  From  This  Article*;  At  The  Controls  Of  The  B-45  -  Second-pilot  Time  On  A  Four-jet  Bomber;  Britannia's  Johannesburg  Trials  -  Phase  One  Of  The  Tropical  Tests;  Idlewild's  New  Terminal  Area.    No.2414  Vol.67  29  April  1955:  Guide  To  First  1955  National  Air  Races;  The  Supercharged  Turboprop  -  Dr.  Hooker's  S.A.E.  Lecture  On  The  Bristol  B.E.  25,  Successor  To  The  Proteus;  Automatic  Interception  -  All-weather  Single-seaters  Defending  The  U.K.;  Meeting  Of  The  Airways;  Actualites  Francaises  -  The  Morane-Saulnier  M.S.760  Paris;  Silencing  Jet  Helicopters  -  A  Notable  Paper  By  Professor  E.J.  Richards;    Sopwith  Camel  -  Historic  Military  Aircraft  No.  10;  Tower  Of  London  -  Radar,  Radio  And  Lighting  Controls  In  The  New  Central  Building.    No.  2415  Vol.  67  6  May  1955:  A  Coming-of-age  With  Gannets;  Actualites  Francaises  -  Part  3  -  Non-stop  Variety  In  Light  Aircraft;  Jet  Provost  -  Hunting  Percival's  New  Av  Initio  Trainer  (includes  2-page  Detailed  Drawing);  The  First  Round  -  Swansea  Sees  The  Start  Of  The  1955  National  Air  Races;  Off  The  Ice  -  An  R.C.A.F.  Helicopter  Rescues  A  Cessna  Which  Was  Partially  Submerged  Beneath  Ice;  Igor  Sikorsky  In  Great  Britain  -  Pioneer  Helicopter  Designer's  Lecture  To  The  Institution  Of  Mechanical  Engineers;  Fabrications  To  Float  And  Fly  -  Rubber  Dinghies,  Balloons,  And  Much  Else  -  The  Work  Of  The  R.F.  D  Company;  "Hot"  Parts  By  The  Hundred  -  Briggs  Motor  Bodies,  Ltd.    No.  2416  Vol.  67  13  May  1955:  More  Thoughts  On  Jet  Lift;  Routine  Atlantic  Crossing  -  Passenger's  Impressions  Of  A  Typical  Transatlantic  Flight  By  B.O.A.C.  Stratocruiser;  The  World's  Air  Forces  -  Their  Compostion,  Duties  And  Aircraft  *2  Pages  Of  This  Article  Are  Loose  But  Present*;  1955  Military  Aircraft  Data;  National  Aircraft  Insignia;  The  World's  Air  Forces  Cont'd.    No.  2417  Vol.  67  May  20,  1955:  A  Truimphant  British  Motion  Picture  -  The  Dam  Busters;  Luftwaffe  Redivivus  -  Germany's  New  Air  Force  For  A.A.F.C.E.  -  Its  Strenghts  And  Constitution;  The  Party  Line  On  Airlines  -  Tories,  Labour  And  Liberals  Express  Their  View  For  "flight";  Supersonic  Fighter  -  A  Critical  Examination  Of  The  F-100A  Super  Sabre  (with  Detailed  Drawing);  Introduction  To  Air  Freight  -  Part  1  American  Domestic  Scene;  The  S.N.C.A.S.E.  S.E.  210  Caravalle  -  France's  First  Jet  Airliner  (with  Detailed  Drawing);  Regularity  In  The  Making  -  The  Technical  Organization  Behind  B.O.A.C.;  Flight  Control  -  An  Historical  Review  -  Abstracts  From  Dr.  Draper's  Wilbur  Wright  Lecture;  Deutsche  Lufthansa  In  Service  -  How  The  Revived  German  Airline  Is  Operating;  At  The  B.I.F.  -  Materials,  Tools  And  Equipment  At  Castle  Bromwich;  Decca  Evaluated  -  Findings  Of  The  1951-53  M.T.C.A.  Trials  -  And  A  Decca  Postscript.    No.  2418  Vol  67  27  May  1955:  Brood  Of  The  Eagle  -    Gannets,  Wyverns,  Sea  Hawks,  Skyraiders  And  Dragonflies  Aboard  The  H.M.S.  Eagle;  Mars  To  Javelin  -  Gloster  Aircraft  Of  Forty  Years  (dozens  Of  Illustrations)*missing  Page  717-718*;  Friends  In  The  Gloster  Family;  Jet-Airliner  Systems  -  Electrics,  Hydraulics,  Air  Conditioning,  Pressurization  And  Fuel  Supply;  Man-Carrying  Centrifuge  -  New  Acceleration  Research  Rig  For  Institute  Of  Aviation  Medicine.    No.  2419,  Vol.  67  3  June  1955:  Bristol  Orpheus  -  A  Medium  Thrust  Turbojet  With  Exceptional  Potentialities;  Blackburn-Turbomeca  -  An  Outstanding  Range  Of  Small  Gas  Turbines  (detailed  Drawing);    Whitsun  Displays  And  Competitions;  Fokker  F.27  Friendship  -  Holland's  Up-and-coming  Feedliner  -  Basic  Simplicity  Plus  Some  New  Techniques  (detailed  Drawing);  Farewell  To  "Habb"  -  Memories  Of  The  Great  R.A.F.  Base  In  The  Middle  East  Now  Ceded  To  Iraq;  Lockheed  Vs.  Douglas  -  A  Brief  Comparative  Analysis  Of  America's  New  Long-range  Liners;  Louis  Breguet's  Work  -  An  Appreciation;  Soldering  Aluminum  -  A  New  Process  Approved  By  The  M.o.S.  For  Aircraft.    No.  2420  Vol.  26  10  June  1955:  Ypenburg  Impressions  -  More  About  The  Ilsy  Display;  Britain's  Contribution  To  A  Great  Paris  Salon;  Silver  In  The  Sun  -  Canberras  Of  Bomber  Command;  Introduction  To  Air  Freight  -  Part  2  -  Britain's  Bid  On  The  Atlantic  Route;  France's  Aircraft  Industry  -  The  Background  To  The  Paris  Show;  L'Aviation  Legere  -  The  French  Government-sponsored  Popular  Flying  Movement;  French  Commercial  Aviation  -  Extensive  World  Networks  -  Plans  For  Domestic-route  Expansion;  Aluminium  Alloy  Components  -  Modern  Tendencies  In  Forging  And  Casting  Techniques;  The  British  Light-alloy  Industry;  Oil-cooled  Generators.    No.  2421  Vol.  67.  17  June  1955:  Third  Round  Of  The  National  Air  Races  -  A  Damp  Day  At  Whitchurch;  Birthday  Honours;  Mach  3  Wind  Tunnel  -  Armstrong  Whitworth's  Whitley  Plant;  Newspaper  Run  -  From  Fleet  Street's  Presses  To  Germany's  Breakfast  Tables;  One  Loose  Glider  -  Reflections  On  An  Unusual  Channel  Crossing;  The  Paris  Show;  "New  Guinea  Internal"  -  Quantas  Introduces  Beavers  For  Some  Exacting  Duties;  Single-Spool  Turboprop  -  Notes  On  The  Philosophy  Behind  The  Eland;  Air  Transports  In  The  News.    No.  2422  Vol.  67  24  June  1955:  Without  Visible  Means  Of  Support  -  Ultra-modern  French  Entomology  -  The  Coleopter;  Week-end  In  Paris;  Stands  At  The  Salon  -  New  Components  And  Accessories  Seen  A  Le  Bourget;  Scharfoldendorf  Championships  -  Gliding  Contests;  The  Turboprop  In  Practice  -  B.E.A's  Viscount  Experience  -  Mr.  Masefield's  Paper  At  The  Anglo-American  Conference;  Low  Consumption  Turbines  -  Some  Rolls-Royce  Achievements  -  Mr.  Lombard's  Lecture  At  The  Anglo-American  Conference.    Unmarked.    Light  To  Moderate  Wear.    Nice  Copy. 

Price = 299.95 USD

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