Recent Sales

Here is a sampling of the wonderful vintage issues we've provided for our customers recently.  No magazine is too obscure for us to try to source so please contact us with your needs.



Sold: Time, April 4, 1949.  We offer many other issues.  Please contact us with your needs.



Sold: Maclean's, September 13, 1958.  We offer many other issues and have listed another copy of this one, as well.



Sold: Locomotives International, March - April 1998: Nice issue of this popular rail publication.  We have several other issues available.


Sold: Maclean's Magazine, January 15, 1951 -  We offer the world's largest online inventory of Maclean's back issues.  

Please contact us for help locating the issue you need.





Sold: New York Times Magazine, January 24, 1971 - with photo of sculptor Louise Nevelson

We offer a very large and growing selection of New York Times Magazines.




Sold: This highly collectible January 1940 Wide World Magazine covers Bigfoot/Sasquatch in British Columbia.

We offer the world's largest online inventory of Wide World Magazine back issues.  Please contact us with your needs. 





Sold - 16 Magazine, October 1965.  Great photos of Sean Connery/James Bond/007





  Sold - A lovely issue of the Ladies' Home Journal from June 1, 1950





Sold - This very rare December 1, 1926 issue of Australian magazine "The Home"





Sold - A nice Collier's issue from June 11, 1949





Sold - Maclean's October 18, 1982 - Glenn Gould Memorial.  We offer the largest online inventory of vintage Maclean's magazines. Contact us with your needs.





Sold - Fiberarts - The Magazine of Textiles, September/October 1984





Sold - Shoulder Strap, June 1949 - A very rare B.C. Provincial Police Issue





Sold - Canadian Pacific Cruise Itinerary: Cruise to the Gateway Ports of the Mediterranean on the Empress of Scotland from New York, February 9, 1925





Sold - Truckin' Magazine, May 1983






Sold - Aerophile Magazine: Vols. 1 & 2 (1977 Through 1980).  We have many military aviation magazines, bound and unbound.  Contact us with your needs.






Sold - Seventeen Magazine, January 1999 - Jordana Brewster Cover Photo





Sold - Nutshell News Magazine, July 1989 - Haute Couture in Miniature.  We have many additional Nutshell News issues.  Please contact us with your needs.





Sold - The Wide World Magazine, March 1915.  We offer the world's largest online inventory 

of this wonderful vintage publication.  Please contact us with your needs.





Sold - Popular Science Magazine, June 1960





Sold - How to Take Care of The Father and The Family - The Little Blue Books Mother's Series - Publication # 6, 1923






Sold - This ultra-rare Vogue issue from September 15, 1914.

We specialize in vintage fashion magazines.  Please contact us with your needs.






Sold - Watercolor Artist, April 2009






Sold - True West, October 1977.   We have a great online inventory of this and several similar publications such as Frontier Times.