The Wide World Magazine, January 1957, Australian Edition

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Features: The Wreck of the El Dorado - a four-masted lumber schooner enroute to Chile from Astoria, Oregon, goes down 700 miles from isloated Easter Island; Fear Saved My Life - a tiger brings death to the people of the Indian swampland; The Swallowing Swamp - a continuation of the Maufrais Saga in French Guiana; The Devil in the Cabin - a wolverine (carcajou) attacks a man in northern Canada; Caravan of Slaves - attempting to liberate a party of young natives destined for the slave market of Arabia; Jungle Takes the Air - wildlife escape mid-air over East Africa; Night of Horror - alone in the Papuan jungle; Curse of the Pagan Temples - a story from Burma; Isle of Devils - the natives were scourged by Elephantiasis; Gold on Their Backs - Man's desire for Otter fur almost drove them to extinction; Desert Ambush - a religious fanatic and his gang of ruthless henchmen brutally attacked the Colonial Administrator in the mountains of South West Arabia; and more. Small chips from backstrip. Average wear. Unmarked. Quality copy.