The Wide World Magazine, December =1953 - Australian Edition

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Features: Jungle Man-Hunters - horse-mounted frontiersmen of Ecuador - photos; The Secret Submarine Agent - describes the author's meeting with "Storsand," a Scandinavian inventor who devised a curious one-man diving bell; Terror by Night - Man-Leopard killings in Nigeria (part I); Vagabond in Corsica - a tramp through the interior of Corsica - photos; The Dope-Runners - illegal drug traffic in South Africa; Diving for Crocodiles - at the Tanganyila-Nyasaland border; The "Mulga Wire" Mystery; The "Football Wallahs" - an amusing story from India of how a British soldier made friends; My Friend Sung Li - the companion of an ex-sailor; Beware of Elephants - encounters with elephants on the Queen's Highway; and more. Unmarked with average wear. Sound copy.