The Wide World Magazine, December 1952 - Australian Edition

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Features: Dead Man's Double - working aboard a tramp steamer to return to Australia, John Winters meets his double... except the double is already dead; A Baptism of fire - the experience of a young forest ranger with the British Columbia Forest Service when over 100 people are trapped in a logging camp, by J.L. Henslowe; The Trek - story from a pioneer in East Africa; A Case of Contraband - an amusing tale from Central America by Capt. Frank H. Shaw; The Golden Ingot - a confidence trick by a West African criminal; Down Mexico Way - 2 Jacks ashore get themselves in trouble in the Mexican countryside; The Fire-Walker - a story from Ceylon; Mr. Peter Strong, Pioneer Pilot, by D.N.E. Kain; One Thing After Another - down on his luck during depression days in Australia a man's luck finally turns; The Burma Road - will recall poignant memories to many ex-servicemen - great photos; South Sea Burial-Customs - how they do things on the remote Cook Island Group; Olsen's Secret - a grim story from the American coal fields; The Octopus - a young man's nighmare underwater battle with a gigantic octopus brings happiness to a remote South Sea Island; and more. Average wear. Binding sound. Quality copy.