The Wide World Magazine, November 1952 - Australian Edition

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Condition: Good

Features: To the Edge of Beyond - searching for a missing airplane several hundred mile s inside the Brazilian province of Amazonas, with photos; Hattie's Escape - a plane trip from Egypt to India; Trail of the Alpine Sheep - the sheep farmers of Souther France drive their flocks from the arid plains to the high mountain pastures on the Italian frontier, with photos; House of Terror - a terrifying experience related by well-known author G.E.G. Plant, F.R.G.S.; Black Frost - a striking story of the hard life of Newfoundland fishermen; When the Flood Came - the adventure of an English Farmer; The Hunting-Down of Eissa Battat, an Arab bandit who gave the Palestine Police a lot of trouble; Safwa seeks Vengeance - a touch-and-go tale from Tanganyika; These Men are Tough - Australian Cattle Men; Sailor's Hobbies; Operation Water-Gun - dynamiting fallen trees to open a West African river; and more. Average wear. Few chips from backstrip. Sound copy