The Wide World Magazine, August 1952 - Australian Edition

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Features: In Search of the Hairy Frog - An expedition into the little-known interior of the British Cameroons, with photos; The Navy Pay-Roll Robbery - An audacious hold-up in Malta G.C. of a navy van containing a considerable payroll, with photos; Luck of the Game - story from a Gold Coast Prospector; Ozark Excursion - interesting people including a cross-bow hunter; The Lost Mine - Tisingal, in the interior of Panama; The Cowrie Shell - white men usually scoff at the native's faith in charms and amulets; My Friend Bill - a fellow in Australia; House-to-House; Japanese glass net-balls (floats); Brown's Donkey - an incident from the North African Desert; The Rest House - a striking example of premonition from India; and more. Above-average wear. Brown tape secures covers.