The Wide World Magazine, June 1952

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Features: Outlaw Stronghold - the hectic history of a rugged wilderness area in Oklahoma and Arkansas often used as a sanctuary by fugitives; Climbing the Sutherland Falls in New Zealand; Frensham's Bungalow - a strange story related by a former officer of the Indian Army; A Bid for Fortune - a young newcomer to Darwin, Australia joins a veteran skipper in a trip to a secret pearl-oyster bed; A Pygmy Net-Hunt - a graphic description of a most ingenious method of capturing wild animals, with photos; The Lost Mine (Part I) - Somewhere in Panama lies Tisingal, reputed to be one of the richest gold-mines ever worked by the Spanish; The New Cook; Diggers - Australian gold-hunters, with photos; Velnagel's Gold - while salvaging old machinery from an abandoned Australian gold mine the narrator (Robert Stevens) stumbled into an extrordinary experience; The Arrow Mystery - a curious affair from the early days of the Nigerian Tin-Field; and more. Covers taped in place. Above-average wear.