The Wide World Magazine, March 1952

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Features: The Vengeance Trial - An unusual murder in Ecuador; Our New Guinea Cruise - the natives of New Guinea have acquired a certain level of sophistication, with photos; Northland Mountaineering - ascending some difficult peaks in Norway, with nice photos; Carlson's Mermaid - a fantastic story from the Niger delta; The Hidden Gold Murders; Ghulam Haidar - Opium Peddler; Two Bad Men - tracking down two killers in America's wild North-West; A Wierd Quest - seances are held to help prospectors find gold in the U.S.; Behind the Door - a curious story from a Chief Officer in the Merchant Navy; Bush Nightmare - tough luck for a wanderer in the wilds of Queensland; Forewarned - a puzzling affair in Nigeria; and more. Above-average wear. Covers detached but present.