The Times History and Encyclopaedia of the War - Part 169, November (Nov.) 13, 1917. The Disorganization of Russia, March-July 1917

By: Correspondents of The Times

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Cover portrait of M. Kerensky. Abundantly illustrated with black and white photos. Contents: Rise of the Soviet; Bolsheviks and Maximalists; Jewish Influences; Indiscipline in the army; Kerensky abolishes the death penalty; Alexeieff as Generalissimo; German Propaganda; Lenin and his agents; Resignation of Miliukoff; Provisional government's note to the allies; replies of Great Britain and France; No annexations and no indemnity; Resignation of Gutchkoff; A coalition cabinet; the 'soldier's charter'; dismissal of generals; Kerensky's visit to the armies; chaos in Russia; confiscation of land; mutinees in the fleet and armies; The Sukhomlinoff Trial; All-Russian congress of Soviets; Drunkenness revived; Treatment of the Imperial family; The Revolution and the Church; Fraternization with the enemy; women solderis. Average wear. Unmarked. Sound copy. Please note: the following issues may be of interest: Part 13 - The History of the Russian Army/The Russian Army at the Outbreak of War; Part 32 - Russia's Problem - The First Invasion of East Prussia; Part 33 - The Russian Conquest of Galicia; Part 44 - The last phases of the Russian Winter Campaign (1914-15); Part 50 - The Russian Offensive in the Carpathians (1915); Part 55 - The Campaign against the Baltic Provinces/ The Austro-German Victory on the Dunajec; Part 56 - The Reconquest of Przemysl and Lemberg; Part 61 - The Fall of Warsaw; Part 65 - The Advance from Warsaw, Last stages of the summer campaign (1915); Part 97 - Russia at War; Part 105 - The Russian Offensive of 1916 - first phase; Part 110 - The Russian Offensive of 1916 - Second phase; Part 122 - The Russian Offensive of 1916 - last phase; Part 124 - The Russian Campaign in 1915-16 in Armenia; Part 159 - The Adbication of the Tsar.