Old West Magazine: Fall, 1983

By: Multiple Contributors

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Features: Bloodiest Miles on the Union Pacific - The Indians Nearly Stopped Construction of the Railroadi; Barney Riggs - Man of Violence - he was sent to prison for killing one man and turned loose for killing two!; Butch Cassidy Didn't Do It - The Winnemucca Bank Robbery; Black Widow of Kansas - Nellie Benthusen-Bailey-Reece; Frontier Heartbreak - the story of Darius Athorp and his wife, Harriet - separated forever; Muscatel and a Mule; Mustangs (wild horses) on the Gila River; Last of the Lednhi; Terror in the Night - Bald Knobbers; Sourdough from the Old West - with recipes; Masterton's Militia - a short career for Bat's Brother; Jim White - Boss Hunter; The Christmas Kiss. Average wear. Unmarked. Sound copy.