Old West Magazine: Winter 1979

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Features: Two Ugly Men - Glanton, the brutal scalp hunter, and Naked Horse, the vengeful Yuma chief, fought to the death for control of the mighty Colorado; Homesteaders' Saturday Night - in the sand hills west of North Platte, Nebraska; Meanest Town on the Coast - Madison, Texas; He Lived with the Barrens - John Hornby; Captain Jack - a stray in the family line - Orren Arms Curtis; Tensleep Raid - the raiding and burning of a sheep camp threw the Big Horn Basin country of Wyoming into a turmoil of accusations, hatred and murder!; Unleaded Horse Flesh - Did we shut the stable door to soon?; Trapped in a Snowbank - Grandfather Dickinson moves his young family to Lyon County, Minnesota in 1872; Rekindling Camp Fires - The Exploits of Ben Arnold (Connor) (Wa-si-cu Tam-a-he-ca) - Part II; and more. Average wear. Unmarked. Address label removal from front cover opened a hole 1" x 3" which has been taped over. Otherwise a sound copy.