Old West Magazine: Fall, 1979

By: Multiple Contributors

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Features: Half-Horse, Half-Alligator - no one was as tough as a mountain man; Murder in Manzano - Two rifle bullets fired in rapid succession slammed through the window and Charles Kusz, editor of the Gringo and Greaser, slumped to the floor; San Saba River Folk - a story of the Miller Family who make up in fearlessness what they lacked in numbers; Pick & Shovel Railroad - a fond farewell to one of Nevada's raunchiest lines; The Intellectual Con-man and his mysterious notebook - Clay Wilson in Denver; Old Herb Steele - maybe his bad disposition was 50% bluff but none of his neighbors wanted to find out for sure; Arizona Civilian Expressman John Jones; Came the Barefoot Priests - they brought their Christian religion to the 'heathen' Indians; Mystery of the Vanishing Wagons - somewhere between the desolate Snake crossing and the washout on the California cutoff, the two wagons had vanished and Johnny Quitman was determined to solve the puzzle; Rekindling Camp Fires - The Exploits of Ben Arnold (Connor) (Wa-si-cu Tam-a-he-ca) - Part I(?); and more. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound copy.