Old West Magazine: Spring 1979

By: Multiple Contributors

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Features: The Last War Party - Prairie Chicken Old Man led his war party of young Bloods on one last raid against the Crows; Mad Dog! - Rabies; Buckskin Frank Leslie - Wyatt Earp called him the most dangerous man ever to set foot in Arizona Territory; A Young Man's Country - All alone in northern Alberta - William Greening; The Mussel Slough Tragedy - could a big railroad lie and push hundreds of settlers around?... 5 brave men died to prove it couldn't; 'Durned Right There's Ghosts!"; Frontier Guardian, Lew Wetzel - a burning hate, an insatiable lust for Indian blood, drove him on in his endless quest for new victims; Bitter Blizzard - it was root hog or die for man and beast when the granddaddy of fierce storms swept the plains; Comanche Captive - what happened to Alice Todd?; No Fit Place for a Man of the Cloth - an Irish priest is scared half to death on a long stage trip in Wyoming; Riding the High Country (end); and more. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound copy.