Equinox - The Magazine of Canadian Discovery: January/February 1993

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Features: The Twig Eater - somewhere between the cartoon character and the trophy room rack lies the reality of Alces Alces... researchers and the public alike are saying the moose deserves a little respect; Big Bluestream and a Tallgrass Dream - John Morgan's vision of restoring the 'prairie ocean' is serious business indeed; The Flower Kissers - the magical union between hummingbirds and tropical blossoms; The Chaco Connection - 'there is lots of pasture, but it is bitter grass, inedible... Raising cattle will be difficult, or impossible... If only I could go back to Canada I would never come to South America again!; Machines of Illusion - computer scientists are now labouring to transcend the boundaries of time and space with virtual reality. Moderate wear. Sound copy.