Equinox - The Magazine of Canadian Discovery: April 1995

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Features: Secrets of the Lost Forest - Vietnam's rainforests teem with undiscovered life... a Canadian-Russian research group takes a dream trip along the biodiversity trail; Death of an Elder - A Labrador Community rallies at a dying Innu woman's bedside, preparing for her spirit's return to the land; Wanted - Will James... a.k.a. Ernest Dufault, for being the rootin' tootin' French Canadian cowboy fraud of the old Wild West; Let Your Fingers Do the Talking - a snappy salute to handmade gestures... humanity's original digital interface; Microbe Mystery - a newly discovered strain of hantavirus, spread by deer mice, is alarming country dwellers and cottagers alike... but have the viral sleuths really got their bug? Light wear. Nice copy.