The War Illustrated - No. 179: 19 July 1918: The Pan-Germans' New Dreams

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Photos with the following captions: Lines that all lead to the Hindenburg Line; Wreckage and Waste from Ypres to Cambrai; Freed by British Bravery from the Terrible Turk; 'Tanks' Advance into action & Tow Back a Prize; On the Edge of Great Events among the Alps; Rare and Ready Courage to the Rescue of a Comrade; 'Graft' and Bribery in Russia (story); Clearing the Crescent off the Permanent Way; Weather Difficulties defied by daring and work; Unmasking Spies in London (story); 'Ghost' that Fails to Frighten our Flying Men; Happiness in Hospital in Barge and Burrow; Art's Spirit Shining Amid the Murk of War; The Terriers of the Pack - some of the remarkable doings of the "M.L." Craft (story); Last Moments of the Torpedoed Transport Medie; From London's Roads to Flanders' Muddy Fields; The Royal Highlanders of Canada (story). Above-average wear. Staples disintegrated.