The War Illustrated - Part 181, 2 February 1918 - Problems That Must be Solved

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Features: Problems that must be solved (story); Hun Energy Expressed in High Explosives; Courtesy and Carefulness Diversely Displayed; Camouflage and contrasts from Flanders to Alsace; Democracy Tests Autocracy with Terms of Peace; Captain Sword and Captain Pen at Brest Litovsk; War in the Air from Home to the Holy Land; Some Sidelights on the Temperament of the Slav (story); Service merciful and military 'mid wintry snow; Tracking the Slinking Jackals of the Sea; Some Episodes in the story of the Seaplane Service (story); Monster Machines that Battle in the Blue; Persistent Pursuit of the Turk in Palestine; Men of the East Render Ready help to the west; How France Faced Hun Spies (story); Titanic feat of Italian Seamen at Trieste; R.G.A. Officer Cadets at a Training School; Pierrots and Pantomime Players from France. The Welsh Guards (story). Average wear. Staples disintegrated.