The War Illustrated - No. 182 - 9 February 1918 - Aerial Possibilities of 1918

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Features: Aerial Possibilities of 1918 (story); Aerial activity from Flanders to the Adriatic; Physical fitness Guarded in Trench & Dug-out; Where Snowy Winter is called a temporary truce; With General Marshall's men in Mesopotamia; From the Field of Conflict to the Camp of Care; Brought to the fore by Revolution in Russia; New Light on the True Inwardness of Bolshevism (story by Hamilton Fyfe); Behind the lines in lands of Beauty and Romance; Protective Colouring and Pyrotechnics in War; Some thrilling episodes in the story of the Light Cruisers (story); Below-Deck Heroes Daily Brave unseen danger - photos of the 'black squad' feeding the boilers with coal; Aspects of Sir Edmund Allenby's Palestine Army; American Soldiers enter sternly into action; Emergencies in Frontier Fighting in the East; Mountain Climbing in the Mahsud Campaign; Active Women Wield the Woodman's Axe and saw; Keepting the ways clear with constant work; The 7th Canadian Infantry (story). Average wear. Staples disintegrated.