The Illustrated War News: September 19, 1917 - Part 67

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Features: On the British front in Flanders; The Italian advance on the Julian front; On the Belgian front along the Yser; German Prisoners' Parcels - at an internment camp; 2-page photo of some of Russia's 37,000 prisoners in Galicia; The Guards Regiment (one page story with 2 photos); German prisoners at work in England (4 photos); The August 'Gotha' day-time raid on the Kent coast; Centerfold photo of the Italian pontoon bridge across the Isonzo on the Julian front; 2-page photo of wounded British prisoners returning to London from Switzerland; The training of British naval cadets (4 photos); A funeral with naval honours in Tokyo (Tokio); Indian soldiers where the Prussian Guard was beaten; 2 photos of the Messenger-pigeon service; Great 2-page photo of a captured German Gun-Emplacement at Lens. Above-average wear. Staples disintegrating.