The War Illustrated, 25 August 1917

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Features: Who Fired the First Shot - article by Lovat Fraser on the beginning of the war; Happy Heirs to the Future of Fair France; With Poilu and Chasseur on the Flanders Front; By Flooded Road and Ditch and Ruined Farm; H.M. Landships (tanks) in commission east and west; Concrete Barricades carried by the Canadians; Spy-Mania in Amiens - encounter with a suspicious town councillor, by Hamilton Fyfe; Woman Defenders of the Honour of the Slav; Scenes in the Third Battle of Ypres; How Italy Guards herself against prisoner spies; A day in a prisoner's cage at the front - article by Basil Clarke; Captured Huns in the British and French lines; Entertainment near the trenches; Getting physically fit for war; Teutonising of Turkish Boys in Berlin; New Zealand chaplain at work in the field; Who's who in the Great War; Empire Soldiers in Mimic Warfare at Aldershot; Insignia of rank in the U.S. Army. Staples disintegrated. Somewhat above-average wear. Unmarked. A worthy reference copy.