The War Illustrated, 8 September 1917

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Features: Cover sketch of 'Canadians Near Lens' - a refresher after battle; photo of a destroyed French home; The Truth about Antwert - article by Lovat Fraser; Austrians dance to the 'Mandolinisti' Tune; Pitiful wreckage where Kultur has passed by; Handiwork of the Invader in Tortured Arras; Aspects of the advance in France and Flanders; Heroes and Howitzers Pressing back the foe; Our Sailor Coastguards - article by Basil Clarke; The Dragon-Flag Unfurled Against the Hun - Chinese photos; Daring deeds of border men and midlanders; Thwarting the U Boat - Routing Prussian Cavalry; The 'Broken Bits' from Mons - how some scattered British Soldiers won through; America Getting Ready for War in all elements (several photos); New bids for mastery in the war in the air; Plan of the body of a 'Gotha' Bombing Plane; The Goddess on the Car - article by Harold Ashton; British Women who are helping to win the war; Who's Who in the Great War; The Empire's Roll of Honour; The Newfoundanders - one page regimental story with photo. Staples disintegrated. Somewhat above-average wear. Unmarked. A worthy reference copy.