The Wide World Magazine, July 1954:

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Features: The Enchanted Islands - The Galapagos Islands; The Mountain of Gold - reprint of a 1926 story in which an Englishman accepts an inviation to travel to a 'mountain of gold' in British Columbia, Canada; The Way Back - After crashing in Iceland, 2 airmen walk 70km to civilization - author Major-General H.L. Davies; The 'Black Magic' Tiger - in India a rifle is 'charmed' to kill a tiger; Pork-Knocking - fellows who go into the wilds of British Guiana to dig for diamonds - great photos; When Awang Ruled Simporna - the story of a prisoner in British North Borneo; Our Murder Mystery in the Cook Archipelago; A Question of Feet - a wily old farmer in South-West Africa outwits the police; Sky Workers - men who work at dangerous heights (great photo); Trail of the Snake - West African Gold Prospectors follow the advice of a Witch Doctor; and more. Somewhat above-average wear. Binding intact. Unmarked.