The Illustrated London News, February 28, 1953 - Fire Aboard the Carrier H.M.S. Indomitable / Excavating Old Smyrna

Pages 549-592. Features: Nice one-page ad for the Hawker Siddeley Group shows young boy above caption "How Much is a Little Boy Worth?"; Title page photo of Governor-General Sir Robert Howe addressing Khartoum crowds at great holiday parade; North Sudan welcomes the Anglo-Egyptian agreement; Photos of life in southern Sudan; Designs for the decoration of the Coronation route; Two-page illustration of multiple aircraft forms; People in the public eye; The Queen visits Wiltshire, goes racing and attends church; inventions of the day; Dramatic centrefold photo of fire aboard the carrier H.M.S. Indomitable; Trespass in Antarctica; Photos of Ruth Draper - the woman who single-handedly fills an empty stage with scenery and a vivid host of characters; Discovery of the oldest known Greek house; Official residences Sir William Slim will occupy in Australia; and more. Unmarked with moderate wear. A quality copy.