The War Illustrated, No. 189 - 30 March 1918

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Front cover illustration of trained dogs used as trench messengers. Illustration of British seaplane airman. Grabbe & Co., Unlimited - article on inflated British food prices. Danger Points in the East - article by Lovat Fraser. Photos of saving Holy Objects from the 'Sacrilegious' Hun. Photos from Mesopotamia - ruins and modern doings. Photos of Humane Treatment of Turks Taken in the Pursuit. Chateau and Church shattered by Huns - photos. Photos of lights being used in war; Woodrow Wilson - 'The Only Statesman in the World' - article by Hamilton Fyfe. Photos of French and American soldiers. Lighter Moments/Recreation. Photos of 'Work at home for enmeshing enemy mines at sea'. "The Winners" by Boyd Cable. Photos of stout-hearted soldiers of Resurgent Serbia. Photos of 'Preparing for the Future in Corn Land & Quarry'. Photos of curious contrasts. "The Eyes of the Battery" - Certain liveliness at an artillery observation post by 'O.Pip'. Photos of decorated individuals.