The War Illustrated, No. 225 - 7 December 1918

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Illustration: Sunset on Germany's Sea-Power. Last Sailing of the Hun Armada - Its Inglorious Voyage from Kiel to Scapa Flow - article. Britain's Most Glorious Hour Since Trafalgar - photos. If Germany Had Won - article by Hamilton Fyfe. Locked in the Firth of Forth at Set of Sun - photos. Multiple photos of surrendering German vessels. Ready for Every Emergency - photos. Excellent photographic centerfold entitled "Britannia's Day of Triumph: German U Boats' Day of Doom" - features surrendering U Boats. Photos - The End of German Piracy on the High Seas. Recent Arrivals at 'U Boat Avenue,' Harwich - photos. Demobilisation and the Future - article by Basil Clarke. Rejoicings in Tournai Released from Tyranny - photos. Photos from France. Nightmare Homeward March of Huckstering Huns - illustrations. Herr Micawber of Amerongen - article by F.W. Wile. Average wear. Unmarked. Staples disintegrated. Sound copy.