Dollreader (Doll Reader) Magazine, August 2000 - The 7 Wonders of Zapf

128 pages. Features: Early Musical Dolls; The Romance Series - Heroine Lillian Dal Monte triumphs as an opera star; The Dolls of the Morimura Brothers - during World War I Japanese businessmen rush to fill a void; Ideal's Harmony - a music makin' doll struts into the marketplace; The Glamorous World of Dawn - A small doll becomes a big fad during the 60s; Dolls of 1940-1949; Zapf's Seven Wonders - Zapf Creation dolls up the collecting world with irresistible youngsters; Artist Cindy McClure debuts a series of dolls that teach life skills; Dolls that remind us of the brands we use every day lure collectors with a taste for something different; Shopping for dolls on the Home Shopping Network. Moderate wear. Clean and unmarked. A sound copy.