The War Illustrated, No. 231 - 18 January 1919

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Cover illustration of a demobilised soldier putting his uniform away. Illustration of the H.M.S. Caradoc firing upon a Bolshevist position on the Estonian coast. Demobilising the Women - finding work for a million. Photo of the French Army marching into Bavaria. A Mosquito tank utilised as a tractor for barges on the Meuse Canal. Under the Union Jack in Wintry Baltic Waters - 5 photos. British Naval Activity Against the Bolshevists - 3 photos. Versailles - Then and Now - article. Superb photogravure center spread features portrait of Woodrow Wilson with King George V, M. Georges Clemenceau and David Lloyd George. Triumphs of our Military Genius - Victorious Inventions in War Machinery. New Devices of Defence and Defiance in the Navy - 5 photos. Triumphant Italians Installed in Trieste - Two Great photos. Britons Released by Revolutionary Berlin - Ruhleben Camp, near Berlin - 3 photos. Photo of Liebknecht, leader of the 'Spartacus' group of German Socialists, speaking to a large crowd in the Siegesalle, Berlin. Average wear. Unmarked. Staples disintegrated. A sound copy.