Doll Reader Magazine - Collector's Guide to Dolls & Miniature, December 1978 / January 1979 - Special Lenci Photographs

44 pages. Features: Dolls of the Grand Duchess of Russia; Focusing on - Dolls at Auction; Realistic Baby Dolls; Thuringian Creche Figures; Patchoque Doll Fanciers Luncheon; Antique Rubber Dolls; U.F.D.C. Convention in Denver; Christmas Dolls of the 1920s; This is "Bubbles by Effanbee" - part I; Photographic Essay - Lenci Dolls; In Time for Christmas 1900; Compo Corner; Dionne Quint Baby Doll Pattern; As the Doll's Dressmaker; Paper Dolls - large or small, take your choice; Eunice - the mother of the Paper Doll Family; From Elspeth's Inkpot; John Zweifel - "Our" man in the White House; Slide Programs - delightful or deadly. Moderate wear. Unmarked. A sound copy.