Pictorial Weekly Magazine, February 25, 1928, No. 1,499, Vol. CXVI: The Saddest Woman in the World - Marie of Russia / Woodbine Willie

Pages 41-80. Features: The Saddest Woman in the World - Marie of Russia - article with photos; Buried Treasure - a complete story; Photo tips of what not to do with your Gramphone; Most People Have a Double - but is sometimes means trouble - article with photos; Does Marriage Mean Going ThroughThe Mill? - a story that answers the problem; Lovers or Friends? - Woodbine Willie discusses the truth about companionship between the sexes; Wit of the Week; Open That Window! - and help yourself to health; "Stop & Look" pictures include Copenhagen church in the shape of an organ; Why George Tupper wished his wife many unhappy returns (fiction); In a Floating "Hell" - horses break loose aboard a storm-tossed ship enroute to Russia from Canada; Angel Esquire (continued); The Story of the Birmingham Municipal Bank; and more. Staples disintegrated. Above-average but not excessive wear. A worthy vintage copy.