Trains - The Magazine of Railroading: September 1972

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Features: 50th Anniversary of EMD (GM Electro-Motive Division); EMD News Photos; The La Grange Influence - what if ground had not been broken on March 27, 1935; Two Railroads, One Locomotive - interchange is no longer synonymous with engine change - with photos; La Grange Locomotive Landmarks - Attractive color centerfold; Three that survived - mementos of Electro-Motive's pre-GM years; EMD questions even EMD couldn't answer!; Concerning a dipstick, Derby Day, Slack-Free Starts, 74 Degrees below zero, a Lonely E9, and May 18, 1942 - confessions of an EMD-watcher; 'Tunnel Motors' or 'T-2s'; An instant history of EMD; and more. Moderate wear. Faint date stamp atop front cover else unmarked. Quality copy.