Practical Wireless Magazine: October 29th, 1932 - Vol. 1, No. 6

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Topics: An Inexpensive Four-Range Test Meter; The Homeconstructor's Wireless Tool Kit; Aluminum Chassis - or Baseboard?; The Pent-Amp; Receivers and their records - The Kolster-Brandes 3-Valve D.C. Mains Receiver, Model K.B. 304; The Heart of Your Set - conclusion of the series; The Beginner's Supplement; The Loud-Speaker - 1; Choosing Your Tuning Coils; Radio Wrinkles from Readers; Smoothing in Filter Circuits; The Bijou Three - a cheap and efficient little receiver with a splendid performance; Choosing a Modern Valve - 2; Reviews of Latest Kits - the Slektun 'Scout' kit; Below 100 metres; Comments on Components; Making Wiring Connections; Batteries and their working; and more. Above-average wear. Unmarked. Corner clipped from lower back cover.