Practical Wireless Magazine: October 22nd, 1932 - Vol. 1, No. 5

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Topics: "Break-Through" and how to cure it; An All-Power A.C. Eliminator; Radio Wrinkles from Readers; Choosing a Modern Valve; Tuning and Adjusting the Sonotone; A Simple Coil Winder; Noises - Their Cause and Cure (part 2); Making a Mains Transformer; Simple Chassis Construction - how to make up the all-metal type of chassis; The Heart of Your Set - part 3, output valves; Little Mistakes We All Make; Receivers and Their Records - The Portadyne "Atlantic" Portable S.G.4; Cossor Melody Maker kit model 337; Simple Tests Without Instruments; Below 100 metres; Telsen Jupiter S.G.3 - two-page ad; and more. Heavily worn. Bit of writing on front cover. Corner clipped from lower back cover. Covers seperated and loose but present.