Canada West Magazine - The Pioneer Years, Spring 1979, Volume 9, Number 1, Collector's Number 33

44 pages. Black and white reproductions of archival photos. Features: Gold! - Part 1 - Gold throughout the ages; Massacre at Seven Oaks - the battle became a massacre when a Metis shot the governor; The Black Donald Mines - John Moore slipped on a rock and made the largest and richest graphite discovery in Canadian history; On the Klondike Trail - some struck it rich but many more experienced only hardship; A Brief History of Matches; The Saga of the Steam Threshing Machine on the Canadian Prairies; Writing-On-Stone in the Milk River Valley - a replica of the NWMP fort recalls the border patrols of the past; British Columbia's First Visitors from Outer Space; and more. Unmarked with moderate wear. A sound vintage copy.