The Wide World Magazine - True Stories of Adventure, October [Oct.] 1923, Vol. LI, No. 306: Eighteen Months Serving Under Francisco Villa

Abundant black and white illustrations and reproductions of photos. Features: Twenty-Four Days Adrift - The appalling experiences that befell the crew of the U.S. steamer Dumaru, destroyed by fire and explosion in the Pacific in 1918 - from the logs of Radio-Operator T.W. Bean and Assistant Engineer F.J. Harmon; The Kidnapping of Father Heslin - this unassuming parish priest of Colma, California ultimately died - newspapers helped in catching the kidnapper; The Cross-Eyed Englishman - a rousing story of the Canadian North-West which occured 150 miles north and west of Winnipeg near Lake Winnipegosis; After Big Game With a Camera - Major A. Radclyffe Dugmore hunts big African game with a camera; A Wipe In the Eye - A British officer's amusing account of a lion-hunt which involves a spear; At Grips With a Leopard - Story from Jan Pienaar of the Beira Mashonaland Rhodesia Railway; The Man-Eating Crocodile - The Native Commissioner in charge at Balovale in Northern Rhodesia describes a crocodile surely responsible for many deaths; The Cannibal Islands - Part III - Clifford W. Collinson lived for several years in the Solomon Islands and here describes his visit to the mysterious island of Choiseul and its hidden stronghold - with nice photos; A Rescue By Aeroplane - Captain M.N. Albert's plane crashed on a trip over Northern Quebec and Ontario; Photo of bamboo organ in Catholic church in Los Pinas, Philippines; England's Oddest Treasure-Trove - A vast hoard of gold and silver coins is discovered at Seaton Carew, on the Durham Coast; Exploring in Central Brazil - Part I - A small expedition left England in 1921 to explore the mighty Amazon forests and study the wild Indian tribes - article with photos; Bandit-Hunting - Captain George Ash describes his 18 months serving under Francisco (Pancho) Villa, and a battle with outlaws in Santo Domingo; The Voyage of the "Sargon" - The disastrous voyage of this Grimsby trawler which arrived home weeks late - article with photos; The Bandit of Marseilles - A Bulgarian in France, upset for a sentence passed upon him,begins a vendetta against inoffensive citizens; and more. 88 pages plus 16 pages of nostalgic ads. Clean and unmarked with light wear. A quality copy of this excellent vintage issue.

Title: The Wide World Magazine - True Stories of Adventure, October [Oct.] 1923, Vol. LI, No. 306: Eighteen Months Serving Under Francisco Villa

Author: Emmons, G.L.; Richards, Kenneth F.; Sabine, Louis A.; Pound, Reginald; ravensholme, Geoffery; Main, J.H.; Simey, P.A.T.; Collinson, Clifford W.; Albert, Cap. M.H.; Kerruish, J. Douglas; Smith, L. Marsden; Ash, Cap. George; Higgins, THomas; Rowe, John, G.

Illustrator: Hiley, F.E.; Wood, Stanley L.; Nicolson, W.C.; Verpilleux, E.; Graves, Percy; Webb, Arch; Woodville, R. Caton; York, W.G.; Prater, Ernest

Categories: Magazine Back Issues, Travel, Exploration & Adventure, Aviation,

Edition: First Edition

Publisher: New York, The International New Company: 1923

Binding: Single Issue Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Size: 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall

Seller ID: 346h5236

Keywords: Wide World Magazine, October 1923, William A. Hightower, Doris Shirley, Musktageougi, Miss Isabel Eleanor Kell, Twenty-Four Days Adrift, 24 days adrift, U.S. steamer, Dumaru, T.W. Bean, F.J. Harmon, Kidnapping, Father Heslin, priest, Colma California, Colma, The Cross-Eyed Englishman, Canadian North-West, Manitoba, Lake Winnipegosis, After Big Game With a Camera, Major A. Radclyffe Dugmore, Big game photography, A Wipe In the Eye, lion hunting, At Grips With a Leopard, Jan Pienaar, Beira Mashonaland Rhodesia Railway, The Man-Eating Crocodile, Balovale, Rhodesia, The Cannibal Islands, Clifford W. Collinson, Solomon Islands, Choiseul, A Rescue By Aeroplane, Captain M.N. Albert, plane crash, James Bay, Northern Quebec, Northern Ontario, bamboo organ, Los Pinas Philippines, England's Oddest Treasure-Trove, gold and silver coins, Seaton Carew, Exploring in Central Brazil, Amazon forests, Amazon tribes, Bandit-Hunting, Captain George Ash, Francisco Villa, Pancho Villa, Santo Domingo, The Voyage of the Sargon, Grimsby trawler, The Bandit of Marseilles, Bulgarian, Marseilles, France,