The Wide World Magazine - True Stories of Adventure, January [Jan.] 1924, Vol. LII, No. 309: To Afghanistan in Disguise

Abundant black and white illustrations and reproductions of photos. Features: To Afghanistan in Disguise - Part I - the story of a British officer's remarkable exploit - a journey, disguised as an Oriental, across a large part of India and finally into forbidden Afghanistan and beyond, living among the natives as one of themselves; Two Wanderers in the Faroes - John Dickson's account of the wild nature and unsophisticated people - article with excellent photos; "Grip" and I - Count Nils Cronstedt saved a doomed thoroughbred bull-terrier which proceeded to save him on several occasions during his stay in West Africa as Commander of H.M.S. Heron and Assistant Marine Superintendant in Northern Nigeria; The "High-Jackers" - an audacious gang of murderous bank robbers terrorize the Canadian prairies, beginning in Moosomin, SK and ending in Pipestone, MB; The Islands of the Mammoths - a group of islands in the Arctic Ocean off the coast of Siberia is the world's best hunting ground for the tusks and bones of the prehistoric mammoth - article with photos; The Three Angleteers - Part III - The troubles and adventures of three bored young men who leave England to travel in Europe; With Canoe and Camera - Capt. M.H. Albert explored Northern Ontario and Quebec to photograph wild animals - article with photos; The Mystery of Diablo Canon - The adventures of Senor Torres, a Captain of Rurales - the famous mounted police of Mexico; Two photos of two-room house built in the trunk of an immense California redwood; The Terror of Rampur - two hunters undertake to kill a murderous tiger in India; The Head-Hunters of the Sepik - Part I - Photo-illustrated article by Beatrice Grimshaw describing her trip up the Sepik river in New Guinea, where she met the local native peoples - who were none-too friendly; Exploring in Central Brazil - Part IV - A small English expedition sets out to explore the mighty Amazon forests and study their local peoples; Some Sensational Prison Escapes - Carl Otto and Jack Foster bust loose from Folsom Prison; and more. Clean and unmarked with light wear. A quality copy of this excellent vintage issue.

Title: The Wide World Magazine - True Stories of Adventure, January [Jan.] 1924, Vol. LII, No. 309: To Afghanistan in Disguise

Author: "Lanham"; Dickson, John; Cronstedt, Count Nills; Truscott, Charles; Digby, Bassett; Weddall, A.; Albert, Captain M.H.; Verrill, A.Hyatt; Denys, Courteney; Grimshaw, Beatrice; Smith, L. Marsden; Richards, Kenneth F.

Illustrator: Woodville, R. Caton; Prater, E.; Cameron, John; Davis, G.H.; Abbey, S.; Soper, G.; Wood, Stanley L.; Edwards, Lionel; De Walton, John; Webb, Arch.

Categories: Magazine Back Issues, Travel, Exploration & Adventure, True Crime,

Edition: First Edition

Publisher: New York, The International New Company: 1924

Binding: Single Issue Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Size: 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall

Seller ID: 346h5239

Keywords: Wide World Magazine, January 1924, Sir Frederick Lugard, To Afghanistan in Disguise, Two Wanderers in the Faroes, Faroe Islands, John Dickson's, Grip, Count Nils Cronstedt, bull-terrier, West Africa, H.M.S. Heron, The "High-Jackers", bank robbers, Moosomin, Saskatchewan, Pipestone, Manitoba, Mammoth, Siberia, Mammoth tusks, Mammoth bones, The Three Angleteers, With Canoe and Camera, Capt. M.H. Albert, Northern Ontario, Northern Quebec, Diablo Canon, Diablo Canyon, The adventures of Senor Torres, Rurales, mounted police - Mexico, California redwood - house, The Terror of Rampur, tiger hunting, India, Head-Hunters, Sepik River, Beatrice Grimshaw, New Guinea, Exploring in Central Brazil, Amazon - Forests, Prison Escapes, Carl Otto, Jack Foster, Folsom Prison,