The Wide World Magazine - True Stories of Adventure, May 1926, Vol. LVII, No. 337: Behind the Himalayas / A Pearler in the Philippines

Generously illustrated with black and white photos and illustrations. Features: Paying the Price - How Nature in Canada's far north has extracted a toll on trappers - with photos; Behind the Himalayas - Part I - Photo-illustrated account of exploration of the upper reaches of the Brahmaputra River; The Rubber-Smugglers of Malaya - An amusing story; The Outlaw Elephant - Rogue elephant "George" ravaged the Travancore district of India from 1920 to 1925, killing many and doing immense damage - article with photos; My Desert Dash to Damascus - A decidedly exciting journey across the Syrian Desert amidst hostile devil worshippers and Bedouin - with interesting photos; "Blue-Water Andy" - Did he spot the wreck of an ancient Spanish treasure-galleon on some nameless island? ; Across Africa With a Camera - M.A. Wetherell's photo-illustrated account of his trans-African journey; The Disappearing Lion - An amusing tale from Australia; The Kahuna's Power - A strange little story of native "magic" in Hawaii; A Pearler in the Philippines - F.D. Burdett describes his exciting experiences on pearling trips among the Philippine Islands; The Haunted Camp - The disappearance of a white man in Africa, and the startling events that followed; An Australian Robinson Crusoe - Part IV - Jack McLaren spent eight years on the little-known western coast of Cape York Peninsula. 84 pages plus 20 pages of nostalgic ads. Clean and unmarked with light wear. A quality copy of this fascinating vintage issue.

Title: The Wide World Magazine - True Stories of Adventure, May 1926, Vol. LVII, No. 337: Behind the Himalayas / A Pearler in the Philippines

Author: Tench, C.V.; Ward, Capt. F. Kingdon; Hunter, Reginald P.; Le Mesurier, B.G.; Macgowan, Capt. Gault; Barker, Reginald; Wetherell, M.A.; Ingalese, Rupert; Bailey, Elliot; Burdett, F.D.; Parsons, Capt. A.H.H.; McLaren, Jack

Illustrator: Prater, Ernest; Holloway, Cyril; Tresilian, S.; Abbey, S.; Peddie, Tom; Inns, Kenneth; Wigfull; Faulks, Jack M.; De Walton, John

Categories: Magazine Back Issues, Asia, Travel, Exploration & Adventure,

Edition: First Edition

Publisher: New York, The International News Company: 1926

Binding: Single Issue Magazine

Condition: Very Good

Size: 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall

Seller ID: 346h5256

Keywords: Wide World Magazine April 1926, Price Creek Glacier, Staircase Falls, Drum Lakes, Mount McBride, Buttle Expedition, Michael King, Rev. W.W. Bolton, Myra Falls, The Paymaster's Dillemma, American Army, Philippines, Manila, Place of the Evil Spirit, Strathcona National Park - history, Vancouver Island, The Blind Seer, Egypt - magic, blind wizard, Fighting the Dingo, Sheep - predators, The Saving of Montague Smith, West Africa, hanging, death penalty, execution, On Patrol in Cannibal Papua, Papua, Poppy, Bushveld, South Africa, An Australian Robinson Crusoe, Jack McLaren, Cape York Peninsula, Australia, At the end of a Rope, Venezuela, Two Men on a Raft, What Happened to Murphy, Burma Military Police, Chinese gambling den, Schearer's Man-Hunt, Wild Cat, Pennsylvania State Police, In the Shadow of the Gallows, timber-cruiser, Conrad Martin, Martin Timber and Exporting Company, Some African Snake Stories, Patrick Bowen, Africa, Tibet, Tsetang, Tsang-po, Shammar Tribes, Mosque of the Whirling Dervishes, Zanzibar, Paying the Price, Canada - Trappers, Behind the Himalayas, Himalayan Mountains, Brahmaputra River, The Rubber-Smugglers of Malaya, Rubber Smuggling, The Outlaw Elephant, Rogue elephants, George, Travancore, India, My Desert Dash to Damascus, Syrian Desert, devil worshippers, Bedouin, Blue-Water Andy, Across Africa With a Camera, M.A. Wetherell, Africa - photos, The Disappearing Lion, Australia, The Kahuna's Power, native magic, Hawaii, A Pearler in the Philippines, F.D. Burdett, pearling, Philippine Islands, The Haunted Camp, An Australian Robinson Crusoe, Jack McLaren, Cape York Peninsula,