Colliers, The National Weekly Magazine: 27 June, 1936

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Features: The Singular Horseman - how a Chinese poet came to the aid of a fox-hunting man (Max Brand); Bumping Down to Mexico - Abroad by car, the road to Mexico City (Owen P. White); Bushwacker Brew - Romance and the federal government hit snags in old Bushwhacker (Frederick Hazlitt Brennan); Ready All! - On the line at the Poughkeepsie Regatta (Alastair MacBain); Black Magic - the supernatural cat (William MacHarg); Captain Jenkin's Ear - A Yankee saves the British Fleet (Jacland Marmur); The Prodigal Nurse, part VI - Celia headed for trouble (Teresa Hyde Phillips); Trouble Shooter, Part II - the brawling builders of empire (Ernest Haycox); Statesmanship in High C - Senator Barkley sounds the tocsin (George Creel); Chorus Call, by James Aswell; Keep up with the world - a little learning (Freling Foster); Just for fun - play clothes (Aimee Larkin). Nice colour Ford V-8 ad on page 23. Nice colour Chevrolet ad on page 45. Nostalgic colour Texas Centennial Coke ad inside back cover. Average wear. Address label on front cover else unmarked. A sound copy.