Maclean's Magazine, August 8, 1964 *PEACE MARCH CANADA, 1964*

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Features: How William Zeckendorf changed Canada's skyline and found trouble; The good woman and the convict - how Frances McKearney's devotion led a vicious criminal (Joe Flaherty) 'back to the human race'; The Peaceniks go to La Macaza, Quebec - the U.S. civil rights technique - non-violent civil disobedience - comes to Canada (many photos); How I became a solitary noisemaker - Sheila Burnford admits that her secret vice is talking with birds; The highway that's changing Ontario - portrait of 401, the monster that makes and breaks businesses, towns and drivers; How the Scotch out-talked the family compact - Scotch Grits vs. 'Rotten Tories' in Ontario's classic battle of wit and lung power (by John Kenneth Galbraith); Report on Two World's Fairs - New York is fun, but Expo 67 might just change the world; The Man who made it all the way back - excerpt from first novel of Hugh Hood; George Wallace - the educated bigot; a band called The Beavers - Canada's answer to the Beatles; United Appeal hurts our best charities - Dr. Gordon Bates. Average wear. Small piece missing from back cover. Unmarked.