Maclean's Magazine, December 2, 1964 *ARE CARS RUINING TEENAGERS?*

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Features: The Teenager and the Car - experts show how a worrisome, dangerous, status symbol can be controlled; What ever happened to old-fashioned winters? - recalling the days snow was snow and long johns and porridge were necessities; Our Lovable Friend, the Rat - he's wrongly hated and smarter than a dog; Falling out of the sky is their idea of fun - sky diving, a new sport; The Unsquelchable Rosa Brown - she was a ragged illiterate but outfoxed a city and made royalty her confidant; The Unhidden Persuader - For Bob Gray, the wacky is routine in the world of public relations; Quebec City Aftermath - Confederation Crisis - a look at the real problems left by demonstrations during the Queen's visit; How to make REAL dough on the Grey Cup game - the payoff comes in the kitchen; Rev. R.C. Plant says Protestant churches should ignore a wicked law and grant their own divorces. Colour ad for 1965 Ford Fairlane inside front cover. Water-stained. Not pretty but a sound copy.