Maclean's Magazine, 1 October, 1950 *RABBI ABRAHAM FEINBERG*

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Features: Editorial - memo to Labor, Even a Windmill can hit back; Has Russia Really got the Bomb? - London Letter by Beverley Baxter; Don't call me baby face - Boxer, Jimmy McLarnin tells his life story to Ralph Allen - Part One; The Cat Who Could Fly - fiction by Harold Helfer; Who should handle the family's money?, by Sidney Margolis; Doh-si-doh to your partners all - the hilarious square dance has bust out of the barns and into the ballrooms; The Impulsive Crusader of the Holy Blossom - Rabbi Abraham Feinberg is always mixed up in politics; The Hero - by Mona Williams; She's Organizing Eaton's - Eileen Tallman is tackling one of the toughest jobs in Canadian union history - organizing Eaton's in Toronto; I'm glad I had polio - by Georgia Bailey; Maybe your child's a genius - so don't worry if his I.Q. test rates him below normal; Front cover features a painting of a country scene near Loweville, Ontario by Adrian Dingle. Nice colour ad for international trucks inside front cover. *Fantastic* colour centerfold displays seven GM models. Nice colour Ganong ad on page 54. Colour O'Keefe's ad on page 57. Somewhat above-average wear. Unmarked. A sound copy.