Maclean's Magazine, October 15, 1949 *U-BOATS AND THE BATTLE OF THE ST. LAWRENCE*

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Features: The Battle of the St. Lawrence - for five tragic months of 1942 U-Boats hunted in St. Lawrence waters, scoring 23 kills... Here's a story that's never been told; Straight talk from Mike Pearson - 'we won't be anybody's satellite"; Those Middle-Age Blues - how men can avoid a crackup; Carnival in the Classroom; London Letter - Mid-Atlantic Logbook; Backstage at Ottawa; Beauty Contests are the Bunk - here's the lowdown on the pin-ups - after his 20 years on the judge's bench, Gordon Sinclair confesses it's mostly phoney; Halfbacks, Greenbacks and Red Ink - ledgers, not linemen, rule big league football (photo of Annis Stukus with Al Marshall; Hot-Water Skipper - Captain Norman Reach is at the wheel of the world's greatest fresh-water fleet (Canada Steamship Lines/CSL); I went to a Nudist Camp (a few miles south of Seattle) - in clothes at Camp Forestia, columnist Scott was covered with confusion - the next day he took them both off. Nice colour Coke ad on page 39. Reo Truck ad on page 5. Abundant tears. Some water stains. Reading copy only.