Maclean's Magazine, December 1, 1948 *IRON ORE AT UNGAVA*

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Features: What about the Comics? - are they good or bad for your children?; Daredevils of Mercy - RCAF rescue crewsfly the most dangerous job in peacetime aviation; Princess Margaret Gets Her Own Way - precocious, giddy and a little spoiled, she intends to enjoy life and be England's best-dressed woman; Bright Angel by Charles Bonner; Maclean's All-Canadian Football Team; The Red Tide Has Turned - has Karl Marx lost the hundred years' war? (short piece); At Summerhill School, the Kids are the Boss; Soldier of the Lord - The Salvation Army's Edith McLean; Ungava strikes it rich - enough iron to keep Canada going for 150 years, and that's just a start; Rhyme nor Reason - by Phyllis Lee Peterson; He was a lonely slave - stories gush from the mind of Thomas P. Kelley; Don't be cruel to your steak - Robert Elliott; Half-page colour Pepsi ad on page 36. Nice colour Lifesavers ad on page 38. Above-average wear. Chunks missing from pages 1-4 - content unaffected. Some water stains.