The Canadian Magazine, 11 July 1970 *BIll COLE'S PLAN FOR AN ENCORE*

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Features: What Canadians don't like about each other; Wives who live with fear - some men aren't happy unless they're risking their lves... but for their wives, it's a different story - Monique Ouellet, Sheila Roberts, Beverly Lancaster, Krysia Reid, Lana Dodds, Annie Vallis, Margaret Ion; My name is Rosemary Radcliffe - and I'm not making faces just for the fun of it; Bill Cole will jump off the highest building in Canada for $20,000; When you see the same movie 1,045 times - Projectionists Sam Bowes and Wally Brown will miss "2001- A Space Odyssey" when it moves on from Toronto's Glendale Cinerama; The Problems of Being Establishment - if you're one of Nova Scotia's Olands, you're 'expected' to make beer - The Oland Family; Maggie Grant; Doug Wright's Family. Clean and unmarked with average wear. A quality copy.