The Canadian Magazine, 28 November 1970 *PART 3 OF 'THE MOB'*

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Features: Is it already too late for the Seventies? - 'our awards for achievement below and far short of the call of duty in the first year of the decade; The members of the Mob - meet the ones who've been weeded out, and you'll worry just as the cops worry - about the ones who are still with us; The Winds of the Sea - Tom and Greg Ryan are maritime fishermen; Suddenly pants are proper - fashion feature; George Eaton of the famous family races Grand Prix cars at 170 mph; Please note 1/3 of page 23 has been clipped out - this probably contained part of the 'you asked us' section; Rogers Chocolates - began when the chocolate bar was only 9 years old - photos and text (piece clipped from one photo); Homer Stephens conducts Canada' largest car auction - Cooksville Auto Auction; Maggie Grant; Doug Wright's Family. Clean and unmarked with average wear.