The Canadian Magazine, 16 January 1971 *MORRIS COHEN - THE BEST TICKET SCALPER IN CANADA*

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Features: Confessions of a master ticket scalper - Morris Cohen; You Have Everything, Don't You, Doug Campbell? - the most eligible Canadian bachelor in the U.S.; ...Baring his soul as the night unfolds - Making a record is singing the same line 12 times before you get it right - It's Gene MacLellan's line - nice four-page article with colour photos; The Waist-Makers (fashion feature); Bits about Flip Wilson and the Tasmanian Devil; Pizza recipes; How to get rich with other people's money - the land development game - Jim Martin of Alberta is worth $4 million paper; The man who starved himself to life - Gilles Lorrain confined himself to hospital and went 7.5 months on one month's food, and lost 140 pounds; Doug Wright's Family; Maggie Grant; and more. Clean and unmarked with average wear.