The Canadian Magazine, 20 February 1971 *THE NIAGARA DAREDEVILS/PART 6 OF 'THE MOB'*

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Features: The Niagara Daredevils - Red Hill Jr. tried to go over and was killed - his brother says he'll try in June; "As an Abortionist I was Really doing something to help people" - When Dr. Robert Makaroff was arrested in Vancouver last March, he had performed more than 1,000 illegal abortions; Stretch denim fashion feature; What a golf pro does in winter - Len Ellerton uses a videotape recording machine to help students with their swings; A guide to Golf Etiquette; Yummm Yogurt! - food feature; Part 6 of 'The Mob' - The Bookies - They're crime's biggest moneymakers - Montreal bookie Gary Ball; Maggie Grant; Doug Wright's Family; and more. Clean and unmarked with average wear.