The Canadian Magazine, 20 Mar 1971 *WHAT MAKES QUEBEC QUEBEC?*

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Features: What Makes Quebec Quebec? - text and photos; Children of the Quiet Revolution - the first generation to feel that they, not the 'English', will determine the future of Quebec; How do you carry on business in Quebec? - at your leisure; Please note: most of page 13 has been clipped and is not present; What Price Terrorism? - it could corrupt everything the Quebecois are striving for; Has the Church gone Underground in Quebec? - some Quebecois think so; Canada's best young skier since Nancy Greene and Betsy Clifford - 13-year-old Kathy Kreiner *Sadly, page 21/22 are not present and they constituted the bulk of the Kreiner article; What's Big Bad Ben Ginter up to now? - B.C.'s big-talking businessman and brewer; Maggie Grant; and more. Doodling to front cover which has had a portion neatly clipped out.