The New York Times Magazine, October 25, 1964 *COVER PHOTOS OF LBJ AND GOLDWATER, AND THEIR WIVES*

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144 pages. Features: China's 'Manhattan Project', or, How Mao Learned to Love - and build - the Bomb; Communists of the World, Unite? - Richard Lowenthal concludes that Communism cannot put it right even with Krushchev out of the way; The Kremlin Plays Russian Roulette - Krushchev's ouster points to the Soviet's inability to transfer power without a self-destructive power struggle; When Man Steps out into Space; The Case Against Goldwater's Economics; Cassius Clay, Cassius X, Muhammad Ali; How an Advertising Agency handles the White House Account; How Big is the Bloc Vote (Re: the LBJ vs. Goldwater election); Vision of a Crashproof car - as the slaughter on our highways mounts; The Negro's Middle-Class Dream; Scenes from Mao's Chinese movies; Japan's birth rate turns lower; The American Communist Party Still Functions; Nice colour Cadillac ad; Playwright John Osborne of England looks forward in Anger. Crossword completed in pencil. Moderate wear. A sound copy.